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Satellite Eye for Galathea 3 på DTU

Galathea 3 Expeditionen
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SST data in Text file(10MB)

  SST data in Exel file(17MB)
SST-Sea temperature-Ferrybox  

The image comes from

Ferrybox  Sea temperature

The Ferrybox was developed to collect oceanographic data from merchant- and passenger ships. The Ferrybox is mounted near the ship’s water intake and the observations are taken from the water passing through the instrument. The parameters observed are temperature, salinity, oxygen level and concentration of different algae (phytoplankton).

It is the Ferrybox temperature data that are viewed in Google Earth using Route with data

SST Animation in Google Earth
SST of North Atlantic

SST of Atlantic north of Equator

SST of Atlantic south of Equator

SST of south Atlantic

SST of India Ocean north

SST of India Ocean south

SST of Stillehavet Syd