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SST-Sea Temperature


Infrared SST
The Satellite Eye project has installed an infrared radiometer on-board the Galathea. The instrument measures the thermal infrared radiation from the sea surface and this radiation is converted to a temperature.

Penetration depth

The infrared and microwave radiation penetrate less than 1 millimetre into sea water, and therefore the radiation measured by the satellite instruments represents the temperature of only the very surface. The temperature measured through the radiation temperature is also often referred to as the sea surface skin temperature because it represents just the skin of the surface. This means that the radiation temperature of the sea surface is not equal to the bulk sea surface temperature but slightly lower. During daytime the temperature difference can be up to 0.5C but during night time the difference typically drops to 0.2C or even lower. Physically speaking the radiation temperature and the bulk temperature have different properties but from a practical point of view they have much in common. This has lead to the construction of various algorithms from which the bulk sea surface temperature can be derived from the radiation temperature.

SST Animation in Google Earth
SST of North Atlantic

SST of Atlantic north of Equator

SST of Atlantic south of Equator

SST of south Atlantic

SST of India Ocean north

SST of India Ocean south

SST of Stillehavet Syd